Hassell Trial Counsel

The Storytelling BeanCounter offers high quality virtual, fixed fee, online bookkeeping. Beyond keeping the numbers in order, Earl (The Storytelling BeanCounter) has great insight on leveraging technology to handle the financial aspects of a law practice.

Mick Hassell, Hassell Trial Counsel
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As a technology company that operates with a remote-first ideology, it is important to us that we work with like-minded individuals such as Earl to ensure that our growing company’s systems and processes leverage technology as best we can. Having Earl as our virtual bookkeeper over the years has been amazing and he continues to offer value as a Xero expert. We were referred to Earl from Xero as he was an early-adopter of online bookkeeping. We are happy to have worked with Earl now for several years and I consider him a partner and an integral member of our team. He goes above and beyond compared with other bookkeepers we have worked with and he truly is the “Storytelling BeanCounter”. Most bookkeepers just count beans but Earl helps you turn that into a story so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Jeff Ward, Animikii Inc.
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