Zoho WorkDrive – Transform How Your Team Works

As technology advances with time, businesses are able to communicate faster, predict accurate information and are able to seamlessly collaborate from anywhere around the world. Invention of cloud has made our lives easier with digital technologies being adapted into business operations and delivering better outcomes.  A business relies heavily on its file management system for its employees to work in tandem

Zoho WorkDrive is a modern and flexible content collaboration platform that allows sharing and powerful editing of documents and files among team members. With this innovative cloud-based platform, you have complete control over file access and security. Team members can access and edit files from anywhere in remote working.


What is Zoho WorkDrive?

Zoho WorkDrive is a content collaboration platform for teams where they can assign different roles and set permissions. You have set folder-specific permissions for certain individuals of your teams.  Additionally, you can set aside a list of favorite files and folders to keep what you need most at your fingertips.

Documents can be uploaded directly to Zoho WorkDrive, or create new Zoho Office documents within WorkDrive. Also, you can share files internally and externally, each with a unique system of controls and permissions. With folder permissions, files inherit the access conditions of their containing folder, so you don’t have to set up permission for the same workgroup repeatedly.

Using the included Zoho Office Suite, you can collaborate and edit documents with other team members in real-time. For isolated access, check out the file to “lockout” other users, permitting you to edit the file individually without simultaneous conflicting edits. When done, you can check back in, creating a new version of the file in WorkDrive’s version management system.



Affordable Pricing

A cloud-based application that is reasonably priced, suits the needs of companies with a vision to grow and innovate in future. Especially for small and medium-sized companies which are on a tight budget, Zoho WorkDrive is the best collaboration tool to run teams remotely on a day-to-day basis.


Accurate Reporting

Every business nowadays needs to track and measure its operations to work efficiently. Zoho WorkDrive provides a wide range of reporting tools for teams to use to better understand internal patterns, identify activities that generate the most engagements, and also measure the success of specific marketing efforts to understand success of certain campaigns.


Secure and Safe

Zoho WorkDrive makes sure that the data of business stays safe at all levels. I meets industry-specific compliance standards for data security – SOC 2 Type II, which protects financial data, and ISO 27001, which protects data management processes. Equipped with powerful intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, Zoho WorkDrive is secure from the inside out.


Manage Access Control

Just one link lets you invite other users to access your team’s data. You can assign appropriate permissions to your team members based on their functions. All team members can work simultaneously on a collaborative workspace from any locations. Moreover, every move of your team members can be tracked and analyzed with activity reports and audit trails.

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