Zoho Connect- Keeping Your Team Close

With the ongoing pandemic, in-person business meetings have been replaced by collaborative virtual meetings. Hence, it is important for the productivity of the company that real-time communication between team members progress seamlessly online. Zoho Connect is a software platform that brings your teams together digitally enabling real-time connection and resource sharing.

Zoho Connect is a platform to share ideas, collect feedback and brainstorm with your team members and get your project done on time. An opportunity to define a better way of working has arrived. Zoho Connect can help your team grow better together.

Here are 4 important features:



You can create groups to give your team the space to communicate freely, keep all the relevant information in one place, and work together. You have the flexibility to create a public group so that everyone in your network get a transparent view of what your team is working on. In case of sensitive information, you can create a private group to make sure nothing your discussions remain hidden from other members.



Just like any social media feed, Zoho Connect’s feed allows you to share ideas and start discussions. They give you a curated view of the conversations most relevant to you, so you can effortlessly stay updated with what’s going on in your project. You can drag-and-drop attachments to your post, or upload them from the cloud.



You can create group-specific channels for discussions related to your team’s work. Use independent channels for broader subjects involving those outside your team as well. You can turn your channel into a conference room in a moment’s notice. Getting information to the team is easy with drag-and-drop functionality. Different people, different perspectives – bring them all together to make better decisions, faster.



A project improves more with brainstorming sessions. In Zoho Connect, you can run the forum discussions with inputs from your employees. You can provide context to your forum discussions by applying relevant categories like charity, design, economy internal announcements etc. You can also follow a forum post to stay posted on the discussions it generates.



By using the Channels and Groups in Zoho Connect, your team will remain focused and productive. It brings together employees across locations, time-zones and cultures on a single platform on real-time basis. Sharing resources from time to time makes them feel like everyone is in a room together discussing the project. At Storytelling BeanCounter, we offer comprehensive Zoho Integration services for small and medium-sized businesses. We have helped clients build a fully customizable system for their business needs. Get in touch to know more.