What’s New in Zoho – May 2021

Zoho has released its May 2021 updates for Zoho CRM, Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory products. We bring to you certain updates that could make your business processes run smoother.

New Features from Zoho

Zoho CRM

  1. Automatic transitions in blueprint: Use automatic transition to prevent delays and discontinuity of a process. The automatic transition will ensure that records move to the destination state after a specified Wait time has elapsed.
  2. Blueprints now supports widgets: Perform custom actions, such as locating an address on a map, blocking a date on a calendar and more via Blueprint using Widgets. Widgets can be used in the During Transition settings
  3. Multi-user and multi-select lookup fields supported in blueprints: During Transition you can use multi-select lookup fields as well as multi-user fields. These fields can be mandated but cannot be validated.


Zoho Books

In Zoho Books, there have been two major improvements this month that will now enable you to do following things:

  • Other than invoices, now you can execute an advanced search for all transactions.
  • In the Banking modules, you are now able to add comments and view transaction history.


Zoho Inventory

  • The Zoho Inventory team shared some great news for online sellers and drop shippers with the new third party billing feature for UPS users. It’s available for all editions and all subscription plans.
  • Vendors can track purchase receives in real time using Afterships. You can track the receives by entering the tracking number and the carrier name. You will have to add the access link to see the real time update for all the shipments. You can track Easypost shipments and manual shipments as well.

Application Updates from Zoho

General Zoho Ecosystem Updates

Zoho notified that beginning May 1, 2021, all functions that use Authtokens while making calls to other Zoho services will fail and will need to upgrade to OAuth authentication. They have stopped the generation of Authtokens for all the Zoho suite applications.

What is OAuth2.0? It is industry-standard protocol specification that enables third-party applications (clients) to gain delegated access to protected resources in Zoho via an API. 

OAuth 2.0 is a benefit because:

  • Increased security and easier user/credentials management,
  • Improvement to industry standard protocol for easier communications between Zoho apps
  • Access tokens expire, limiting data exposure in the instance of a security breach.


Zoho CRM

Two alternate solutions provided for CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Office are:

  • You can install the Zoho CRM app for Microsoft Office 365 to seamlessly synchronize data between the two applications. Currently, this integration allows for user import, calendar synchronization and contacts synchronization.
  • IMAP is an email protocol via which your email account is configured in Zoho CRM. It provides various benefits, the best of which is that it enables multiple device sync. That is, your email activity syncs across your PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. Zoho CRM lets you choose among popular IMAP integrations or configure custom email integration.


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