The Small Business of the Future – Going Beyond the Numbers

Small business owners are expecting and demanding more value from accounting professionals that provide them with financial services. And rightfully so. In this fast paced, competitive business environment, businesses that are agile, innovative and organized will be the ones that are sustainable and successful. Those that make proactive, informed decisions (based on data analysis extracting insightful business intelligence) will have a clear advantage over the competition. This can result in growth, continuous improvement and business success.

So the need to better understand what the financial numbers really mean and take actionable steps is crucial. To do this businesses need to go beyond the numbers to understand the story that will support confident, effective and informed decision-making. This requires a business management component to bring it all together as a holistic business management approach.

Our approach is to utilize an integrated business management framework that connects 3 key components: Proactive Accounting, a Collaborative Hub and the Business Accelerator.


Proactive Accounting

This requires a mind shift from a reactive to proactive business approach to take advantage of real time information to predict future outcomes based on the company’s goals and objectives. And this includes predictive analytics. It also involves data storytelling to help understand, interpret and communicate what the numbers really mean. This requires using the historical cost reporting information in combination with other economic information, including forecasts and planned changes (e.g., processes, products, services, channels) in order to make the types of decisions that lead to a financially successful business. With proactive accounting using Xero, our focus is on automating low-value activities that our clients really aren’t that excited about, and helping them start thinking about the future instead of just reporting on the past with business intelligence tools like Power BI for Xero.


The Collaborative Hub

This is the communication system to ensure everyone in the company is on the same page and working towards the same goals and objectives once actionable decision-making steps have been put in place. This also involves sharing relevant information and ideas to improve processes and streamline operations. It includes monitoring tools and continuous improvement mechanisms to stay operationally focused. The ManageHub software helps you create a collaborative business environment..

Use ManageHub Software to create a highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable business. Instead of talking about all the things you should be doing, use ManageHub to engage your employees in improving, optimizing, and achieving the results you want. ManageHub software works by organizing your people into self-managed teams who learn how to document, improve, and manage the work they perform. ManageHub makes everyone a leader in your company, with accountability and transparency.


The Business Accelerator

This is the learning and sharing platform for continuous improvement to stay focused on the company’s game plan. The ManageHub Accelerator is one such system to guide you and your employees through a step by step program that helps to build a solid business that can sustain long term growth, innovation, profitability, and success.

It provides you with the following benefits:

The tools to build a systematic, organized business

ManageHub helps you reduce the risk, stress, and disorganization of growing your company by helping you adopt the same kinds of management methods that the most successful, and long lived companies use to grow, innovate, and succeed.

Frees up time to work on your business

ManageHub helps you work more efficiently allowing more time to focus on growing your business. You save time by avoiding recurring fires, and delegating responsibility with accountability and transparency. You save even more time reducing the need for meetings, emails, and disruptive interruptions that rob you of focus.

Build a highly effective team that really cares about your business

ManageHub teaches you how to build a company-culture where every employee works together, delivers exceptional quality, delights your customers, creates, innovates, collaborates, and helps you achieve your company’s strategic goals.

Measure your improvement using the Baldrige-based ManageHub Success Score self-assessment

Your ManageHub Success Score assesses your business using the worldwide standard for performance excellence. Take your self assessment today. Use your score to design a customized improvement plan to help your business increase its sales, customer satisfaction, profits, and achieve your goals.

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About Us: The Storytelling BeanCounter takes a holistic approach to small business to help your business grow successfully and become scalable and sustainable. We utilize Xero Online Accounting for real time financial reporting and Power BI for data analysis and business intelligence along with the ManageHub integrated business management system. We provide personalized, cost efficient, valued added services to suit your business needs.