OneVia Cloud – A Small Business CAS Management Platform

OneVia Cloud Hub is a  client advisory service platform designed for  small business trusted advisors and their client base to work collaboratively and efficiently to produce their business goals and objectives.  It’s a vertical business management platform for trusted advisors and their clients powered by Zoho ONE .

Progressive accounting professionals already know they need to raise the bar to become trusted advisors by providing value added consulting services. How about going to the next level with business management advisory services to provide a more holistic approach to your service offerings? Zoho ONE provides an integrated technology platform  that can be customized to take trusted advisors to that level.


The Value Proposition
For trusted advisors to run their entire operations (internally)
To help clients run their entire business operations (externally)

The Apps Stack Solution
Zoho ONE provides an integrated suite of 40+ apps to run an entire small or medium business.

Some of the Core Zoho ONE apps:
Zoho CRM
Zoho Social
Zoho Books
Zoho Projects
Zoho Connect
Zoho Desk
Zoho Docs
Zoho Analytics

Along with a Subset of 3 apps bundles:
Zoho CRM Plus
Zoho Finance Plus
Zoho Workplace

Support for all business departments
The suite supports all the various departments in any organization including:
Sales & Marketing
IT /Tech Support
Human Resources

Key business advisory aspects
Setup & Implementation
Ongoing Support
Business Mentoring

Want to Transform your Online Accounting Services with Value Added Client Business Advisory Services?

Then take these steps to:
● Deliver proactive advisory services that help your business clients achieve their objectives by running their businesses better.
● Deliver information that enables clients to improve their business processes, cash flow, and profitability.
● Increase collaboration with clients and other firm leaders and find ways to enhance productivity and establish repeatable processes.
● Help clients take a detailed look at where your firm is now and the steps you’ll take to reach your vision in the coming months using business planning strategies.
● Provide consultative advice to help firms build out their strategy.
● Connect firms to the resources they need to be successful.
● Provide expert guidance and tools to help clients grow their businesses.

Sounds interesting? Then start off with Zoho Connect for team communication and collaboration internally and externally. This app can begin to help you accelerate your small business advisory services to new heights. It can serve as a complementary collaboration tool for clients to connect with your online accounting services support team. It can be customized as a first phase of a turnkey business coaching system.

This makes it easy for you as an accounting professional to establish an ongoing relationship to help your clients build highly organized, innovative and profitable companies that are prepared for rapid growth. Then move on to implement and utilize other Zoho apps to form your own internal business management ecosystem. Once you’re developed the system for your own business, it’s time to extend the capabilities to add value to your clients’ businesses.

So as an accounting professional, take the next step to explore OneVia Cloud Business Hub as an exciting business opportunity for your online accounting professional CAS practice. Need help to get started or have questions, just contact us at The Storytelling BeanCounter.